Bookkeeping Services

Small business are skilled at providing their products or services but are rarely skilled at managing their accounting department and usually there is not enough accounting work to justify such a position.

Kenny Whelan can provide bookkeeping services including VAT, PAYE/PRSI, RCT, Payroll etc. on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Tax returns are filed on-line over the internet fhrough the ROS system and the payroll can be paid by electronic banking or on-line direct into the employees bank account instantly thus avoiding the necessity of writing cheques or going to the bank for cash. This work can be done at the client’s office if required with a duplicate kept at our offices so that at all times information is at hand. Clients will need to have a computer with internet access.

In this way Kenny Whelan helps clients to file timely returns as well as to understand and interpret the figures so that better financial decisions can be made.

This often results in a saving in audit fees as there will be less time required to enable us to express our audit opinion.

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